Barriers NYC X Lavan Wright

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Whether at Think Before You Ink in Queens, with popular social figures such as Puma (from VH1's Black Ink Crew and 124 Tattoo Shop), or Sprayground Inc. on new designs, Lavan Wright is making strides to push his name, brand, and skills to the forefront. This ambitious artist and graphic designer brings anything he finds interesting to life. Being that his influences  include those right beside him such as family and close friends as well as KAWS, Hugo, and Takashi Murakami, the variety, quality and time put into his work will never go overlooked. His talents have brought him acclaim and will continue to as this young man embodies, individuality, ambition and creativity, three of the many attributes Barriers NYC promotes. His views on trial and error being a source of great improvement and understanding are something we all can relate to. When striving for greatness, as easy as the journey may seem, the bumps we face give us insight. His advice to his younger self speaks volumes to the process we all must face when chasing our dreams. Make no mistake, this young man is on a path to greatness wherever it may continue to take him.

Credit- Barter & Barriers NYC Team

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