Climate Control
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Climate Control

If this isn’t one of the things on your radar, we suggest you make room for it. For most, the planet earth is just the circumference on which we live. We rarely consider how the human influence is rapidly changing the climate.

Global warming is basically the temperature rise in the earth. It occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants and greenhouse gasses collect in the atmosphere. They then absorb sunlight and solar radiation. Normally, the radiation would escape into space, but these pollutants that can usually last for years, even centuries in the atmosphere end up trapping the heat and causing the planet to get hotter. Aka (The Greenhouse Effect)

The temperature of the earth is rising at nearly twice the rate it was 50yrs ago, and cannot be explained explained my natural cycles alone. It is also due to the effect of greenhouse gasses emitted by humans. Humans emit these gasses in a number of ways. The combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production. Methane released from landfills and agriculture ( especially from the digestive systems of grazing animals). Nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration and industrial processes, and the loss of forests that help store CO2 (the most problematic of all).The list of human cause is long, but the effects pose a tremendous scare.


The planet is warming from North Pole to South Pole. Since 1906, the global average surface temperature has increased between 1.1 and 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Way sooner then any futuristic invention could deter. The heat is melting glaciers and sea ice, shifting precipitation patterns and causing animals to move. Many species have been impacted by the rising temperatures. Coral in the ocean is dying at a more rapid rate then ever, casting quite a depressing climate on ocean life. Sea levels are rising. Butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants have moved farther North; or to higher, cooler areas. Precipitation (rain/snowfall)has increased across the globe on average. Later in this Century, we are expected to see sea levels rising even more. Between 7 and 23 inches. Hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger. Floods and droughts will become more common.


The result of our environmental choices depend on how aware, present, and involved we are. There are things we can do to help reduce Global Warming. Conscious use of energy is one of them.


Here are some ways you can help your environment:


  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle,
  2. Use less heat and or air conditioning
  3. Change regular light bulbs to LED
  4. Purchase energy efficient products
  5. Use less hot water
  6. Turn off the lights (save electricity)
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Educate and encourage others


Here is a list of MUST SEE Green Films:


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