About us


We live in a very complex day in age. Things aren’t as simple as they once were. We live in a time where more is more, bigger is better, everything must be done; seen and digested very quickly. When you first hear the word “DIEM” you immediately think “Carpe Diem”. As you should its been embedded in our minds for so long. Referenced in movies, literature, television and songs. But our philosophy goes a bit deeper. Yes you should seize the day. But why? Do it because you want to enjoy every moment of life and all it has to offer. Go slower.. Take your time; to eat, to love, to laugh, to play, to learn, to grow.

As we get older the things that mattered to us as children and teens don’t matter that much anymore. We have new things to deal with. Some big, some small, some serious, some not. Some you can change and some you can’t. Worry not about the things you can’t change nor control. Pay attention to the things, people and moments that do. If you ever find yourself stressing over things  you can’t change, ask yourself. Does It Even Matter?


DIEM, Curated by Phil The Mayor and Michael Nicholas in 2013 what fused by the chemistry of two creative minds and a strong passion for the arts. With Phil The Mayor Labeled as one of the most well respected Urban Promoters in the United States and Michael Nicholas designer for many reputable companies it only made sense to collaborate. Their history and ties to the culture influenced the decision to create a brand that would be an extension of their work and vision.

DIEM Is a lifestyle brand that embodies the phrase “Does It Even Matter. The phrase is the pulse of the brands attitude. Which exudes a sense of assurance, justification of ones lifestyle and the individuals daily approach to life. Never make decisions in doubt, always be sure, always be certain and if questioned.... Make sure DIEM is the reply.

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