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For The Last Time LongSleeve

At a time when science fiction seems to be the new reality, posing alternate futures for a post-pandemic world has become a necessary and accepted mode of thinking for the general population. No one is afraid of collectively reevaluating, reimagining, or rethinking what has defined the everyday American life. However, in scenario specific to being Black in America, Black peoples in the US are excluded from the imaginings of a new day, continusly living through the pervasive timelessness of racial violence. As Covid-19 concerns wane, Black Americans face having to heap the weight of considering post-Covid life onto the existing burden of the terror that comes with Blackness itself. The historically-skewed justice against Black Americans— from lynchings to race riots to police brutality— is a human rights’ violation that demands the world to consider another question along with gearing towards a new normal: what does a post-George Floyd world look like?


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